Basic inspection and sampling to determine the amount of cargo loaded onto ships and into shore tanks.

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Inspection of the vessel of loading or discharging.

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Inspection of lightering operations.

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Tank Wall Wash.

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Cleanliness inspection and review of terminals and factory installations.

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Investigation of Cargo Discrepancies.

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Laboratory Testing and Retain.

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About us

NLIC has been established and registered as an independent and private inspection company offering the following works:

Inspection, survey, measuring, testing, auditing and issuing approved certificates in addition to rendering advisory services for our clients with in a Wide range in all fields.

Currently we perform quality and quantity controls on goods of various nature, origin and kind.

NLIC Operates from its Head Quarter in Tripoli, and its resident representatives.
Thanks to our global overview and local insight we are fully able to control, test most of all kinds of products and communicate the information and results according to the general requirements of the international standard ISO 9001/2000,ISO 17020/98 ,IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies), ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and Libyan approved commodity Standards being approved by the seller and buyer and its conformity to the approved Libyan standards specifications and the effective rules being locally applied by thereof, It offers to its client's perfect services and a unique flexibility which enable it to deal with all kinds of dealings in a very short time and full accuracy.

NLIC certificates have been recognized by the state procurement agencies, underwriters, banks, merchants, maritime agents, government and non-government organizations World- Wide.

NLIC has an efficient operational team is composed of a group of professionals with specific expertise in various aspects, and group of administrator specialized inspectors of high efficiencies and experiences in all fields, It always exerts to develop its staff by organizing the advanced scientific courses and seminars for them.

Dynamic and highly motivated, our company adapts its services to the specific needs of our clients. The result is a prompt and accurate “tailored made” service.

Our scope of business is to prevent or minimize any risk, either real or potential, concerning the production process of any product.

Our services are meant to satisfy various needs:

Quality and Quantity controls on both domestic and international levels, on prime matters, secondary and final products, Agricultural and Food, Recyclable materials, Petroleum products, Medical products, Industrial and Consumer goods.
Testing, check of packing, marking and conditioning.
Pre-shipment inspection and certification of conformity of goods against contractual specs.
Monitoring of the entire production process, up to final delivery at destination.
Insurance surveys in order to prevent damages (loss prevention inspection) and to assess value of damages.
Feasibility Studies and technical consultation.
Validity certification for lifting equipments.
Control of traceability system.

  • Basic inspection and sampling to determine the amount of cargo loaded onto ships and into shore tanks.
  • Inspection of the vessel of loading or discharging.
  • Inspection of lightering operations.
  • Tank Wall Wash.
  • Cleanliness inspection and review of terminals and factory installations.
  • Investigation of Cargo Discrepancies.
  • Laboratory Testing and Retain.

The product range is extremely wide and covers, for instance, industrial solvents, aromatics, saturated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, plasticizers, chemical gases.

Synthetic oils and fats, ethers, additives, carbonyls, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers.

We have access to safety information databases.

NLIC are located in all Libyan ports, Terminals and we have all the inspections and adjustments of oil and laboratory tests the following ports :

  • Mellitah Terminal * Ras Lanuf (Alharouge)Terminal
  • Al Jurf (FPSO Farwa) * Marsa El Brega Port
  • Bouri field * Essider Terminal
  • Azzawia Terminal * Zueitina Terminal
  • Ras Lanuf (RASCO)Port * Marsa el, Hariga Port (Tobruk).

AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS (Rice, cereals, wheat flour, olive and vegetable oils, sugar, tea, etc.
FOOD & BEVERAGES (packed goods to final consumer)
COAL, WOOD, CEMENT, MINERALS AND METALS (ores, minerals, coal, wood, fertilizers and chemicals, metals and metallurgical products, ferroalloys, cement, scraps and residues)
INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS (equipments and plants for various sectors, components and spare parts, machinery, lifting, pipelines etc.
INDUSTRIAL AND CONSUMER GOODS (footwear, textiles, garments, leather, electrical and electronic equipments, toys, sport equipment, furniture, health goods, ceramics, glass, paper, etc.)
RECYCLABLE GOODS (aluminum, steel, paper, plastic, etc.)
MEDICAL PRODUCTS (instruments and medical necessities, Medicines, etc.)
PETROLEUM PRODUCTS (Crude oil, refined products, gas and petrochemicals.)


NLIC works all over the world with pre-shipment inspection, load/discharge sup ervision, post landing surveying, sampling, testing, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) analyses and food safety programs, GMO sampling, on-site grading and traceability certification of agricultural products and food stuffs.

Through the presence at most international ports, industrial and transit centers, NLIC strives to ensure that all goods inspected by us comply fully with the commercial specifications agreed between the contracting parties.

NLIC complies with the GAFTA codes of practices as well as the Libyan and International requirements as to independence and neutrality, and no trading or silo companies are in anyway involved financially and/or managerial in NLIC thus the GAFTA code of interrelated companies in trading transactions can never apply.

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NLIC inspectors worldwide are recognized by the respective countries’ authorities to carry out their work in accordance with the relevant standards. We inspect all types of grains, seeds and rice traded and transported between ports or factories for either human or animal consumption. The products include cereal products, oilseeds, Yellow-corn and by-products etc.

Usually the work involves inspection of:

  • Loading, discharge, warehousing and transit movements.
  • Quantity and quality control.
  • Sampling and analyses in accordance with contractually stipulated specifications, rules and/or regulations.
  • Hatch cleanliness inspection - Inspection for grain tightness - Wagon inspections.
  • Full Outturn Guarantees for quantity and quality and other special services with or without marine insurance cover. - In many countries, fumigation of ships, cargoes and stores is an absolute necessity and therefore we can also offer fumigation services in such places.

Documentation requirements can include GMO certification, ecological survey certification, phytosanitary certification, ventilation control, private and unofficial Quality reporting and requirements for planning and execution. Verification of the age and flag of vessels is often required, as well as hatch sealing, cargo separations, pro rata adjustments and certification.

Charter and owner protection, P&I surveys, on and offshore surveys, tally and bagging operations.

The inspection activities comprise different liquids of agricultural origin in bulk or drums. Of course we can also offer Full Outturn Guarantees both with and without marine insurance cover, quality guarantees and other services in connection with the actual movement of oils, fats and liquids.

NLIC inspects different liquids of agricultural origin in bulk or drums:

  • Vegetable and animal oils.
  • Vegetable and animal fats.

Our services normally comprise the following elements:

  • Weighing supervision, draft surveys, tank ullaging.
  • Tank cleanliness survey, vessel’s history checking.
  • Supervision of loading and discharge.
  • Quantitative and qualitative inspection/sampling.
  • Tank cleanliness inspections and draft surveys.
  • Tank calibrations.

Tea, Coffee and Sugar are usually very high value commodities which are traded globally under quite specific contractual conditions which often require the involvement of an experienced inspection company like NLIC We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Weighing inspection supervision, - Tally, - Tran-shipment control.
  • Sampling at loading and/or discharge, - Quality control, - Testing.
  • Control and verification of the packaging and marking of the goods, checking of bags, tare and condition, ventilation and temperature verification.
  • Document splitting and collection, warehouse control, collateral management.

Very often the goods are moved from up-country production sites to warehouses at the port and have to be re-bagged and re-analyzed.
We provide inspection services to our customers in both exporting and importing countries and field services at countries of origin if required - pest and pollution control, vendor vetting can be organized.

Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) Is present in all major importing and exporting countries and continents involved in trading with mineral oils and petrochemicals over our many years in the business, we have accumulated comprehensive knowledge of and experience within this field and can thus offer you competent , efficient service within the inspection of the following activities:

Measuring cargoes.
Bunker inspections.
Tank suitability inspections.
Pipeline transport inspection.Testing of products such as crude oil, gas oil, natural gas, liquid oil gases, petrol, naphtha, jet fuel, kerosene and lubricating oil prior to and after transportation and Storage.
Storage inspection.

The inspection methods employed include standards considered relevant in current legislation. We measure shore tanks, take temperatures and take out samples to determine the degree of utilization and perform other tests for quality.

Niser Libya for inspection and conformity have a professional team of inspectors in different medical fields including pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, laboratory diagnostics and consumables, dental and X-ray products and medical equipments.

  • Visual inspection before shipping, covering technical properties, condition of storage and transportation and this is very well monitored by our inspectors .
  • Packaging and labeling inspection to ensure that the packaging materials and marking meet the agreed specifications and are suitable for the type of transport used and fitted with the proper devices for loading and discharge; loading supervision to minimize the risks of damage during transport, and site inspection to ensure quality control and verify the technical properties for each item overall conformity with agreed specifications.

NLIC inspector’s reference criteria is the European or American pharmacopoeia and the buyer’s requirements and specifications.

Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) deals with all kinds of goods, machinery and equipment. We carry out inspection at all stages of manufacture, loading, transportation and discharging, Below is a brief list of the services offered by the Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) within the areas of industrial goods and capital projects where certification by an independent, competent inspection agency is required.

Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) activities provide objective and reliable evidence of the quality of purchased materials, equipment or services, and of their conformity with the procurement documents. These inspections can be carried out wherever it is most appropriate site: at the plant, forge or foundry, in the port.

The scope of Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) activities will depend on the nature and the extent of work to be performed and on the importance of the equipment and services involved. We can undertake a wide variety of services, including the following:

  • Shop inspection by stationary and mobile welding equipment.
  • Materials inspection and testing.
  • Welding inspection.
  • Measuring inspection.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Witnessing of performance tests.
  • Packaging and marking inspection.
  • Site inspection civil engineering, construction, installation.
  • Implementation/budget and progress examination.

A special service often undertaken is the non-destructive testing of materials using a range of testing methods which provide detailed information about the condition of the tested materials without deforming or damaging the materials. The testing may be

Performed both during the manufacturing process and when the finished product is delivered. The different testing methods include, inter alia, the following:

  • Radiography, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, dye penetration testing, eddy current testing, testing of acoustic emissions and thermographs testing.

The above services are usually performed with the following types of projects and materials: pipelines, plant constructions, heavy castings, conventional/nuclear power plants, pressure vessels, cranes and bridges.

Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) also has the required experience to check that loading of cargo onto transport vehicles is carried out properly; a similar inspection can take place at the time of discharge. In the ports, our experienced surveyors inspect the workmanship and performance of the stevedores and of the master and crew of the vessel. We inspect the packaging and check the marking, numbering and loading.

  • A similar check can take place at the time of discharge. In case of any deviation found upon reception of the goods, this will immediately be reported, which ensures that it will be possible to replace or repair the equipment before it reaches the site. Another very important benefit is that such control will make it possible to notify the underwriters to ensure that the parties responsible for the problems and/or damage are notified in time, so that the legal situation between the parties can be fully established.
  • On all manufactured goods, we can carry out statistical quality control, which means that the inspection is performed on a representative sample rather than on each and every piece according to ISO17020/98 statistical tables for handling random samples, which of course is the practical solution for the inspection of huge quantities of identical items.
  • In collaboration particularly with our partners, Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC),Can carry out the Technical & financial evaluation of equipment s or complete plants, which may be of importance in a number of situations, such as the sale of equipment or complete plants, re- assessment of insurance policies, share capital increases, and the privatization of industry, land and buildings.
  • •We can provide building site inspection tailored to match the requirements of the client, and can also assist with: project planning, preparation of local documents, evaluation /recommendations regarding quotations, procurement of materials/services, onsite
  • Management, administration and quality assurance.

Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) services include the following:

  • complete laboratory analyses performed by independent laboratories.
  • Welding verification and shop inspection which may involve destructive and non-destructive testing to detect internal or surface defects.
  • Witnessing of performance tests, visual inspection before shipping, covering technical properties, finish, purity, weight, quantity and accessories.
  • Packaging inspection to ensure that the packaging materials meet the agreed specifications and are suitable for the type of transport used and fitted with the proper devices for loading and discharge; loading supervision to minimize the risks of damage

During transport, and site inspection to ensure quality control and verify the installation’s overall conformity with agreed specifications.

The above list of services is not conclusive, as individual package solutions can be designed to meet the client’s specific requirements.

The diversity of Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) ensures that we will always have access to experts with knowledge on a given problem somewhere in our worldwide organization.

Niser Libya for Inspection & Conformity (NLIC) carry out inspection of a range of different product groups, including:

  • Electronics and domestic appliances.
  • Ready-to-wear clothing.
  • Leather goods.
  • Leisure accessories.

In general, inspection of consumer products falls into three main categories:

  • Early production inspection
  • Ongoing production inspection
  • Final production inspection


  • Factory assessment and pre-production assessment, vendor vetting
  • Pre-production control, interim control and final spot checks to ensure that both quality, quantity and packaging comply with specifications, reference samples, quality requirements and any other agreements made between the buyer and the seller
  • Loading control and delivery monitoring
  • Consultancy services regarding national or international standards and regulations
  • Materials testing to ensure that the correct raw materials and components have been selected and to reveal any defects not detectable by visual inspection
  • Performance and safety testing in accordance with national and international standards and norms.
  • Random sampling, testing of selected batches and verification of good manufacturing practice.
  • Arranging physical and chemical analyses and other tests to determine the quality of and detect any flaws in the goods
  • Quality assurance services for retailers, importers and manufacturers
  • Checking of marking, packaging, documentation and shipping

Furthermore, it has become quite common for especially big retail chains to ask us to perform random sampling at their warehouses and report our findings directly to the management.


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