About us

OYA Libya is a Libyan company precisely located in Tripoli acting as a technical inspection company.

It is managed by a well experienced team that had gain a professional in the field of non-destructive examination.

Our company is a third party oilfield inspection services company and one of the biggest providers of inspection services in Africa (Libya , Tunisia , Alger , Mauritania). Our services focused on drill stem , proof load test , BHA , tubular and mechanical lifting equipments and accessories inspection.

We are operating in many oil fields for many national and international companies , we are considered as one of the most active company in the region. Our high quality and secure services are provided by a highly qualified engineers, inspectors and administration team work.


Employee have completed dozens of service contracts for major and independent oil and gas companies.

We have worked onshore and tank farms, meter and compressor stations covering all aspects of mechanical, civil, electrical, instrumentation operations as well as environmental services.

As part of our quality control service, we have performed Non-Destructive Testing for most oil companies and construction contractors for the construction of flow-lines, hook-up set pumps and performance of general mechanical maintenance works.


Inspection services

Health and safety