About us

Albab Alaali, is a private limited liability company, established to provide consulting services and services for businessmen and investors.

Our company is pioneer in creating businesses and executing them through extensive channels of public relations that are based on trust, respect and work perfection. Our mission is not limited to business exercising and making profits from them, but also aims to create, develop, and make them prosperous. The connecting link that we represent, is a new a concept in finding a business environment which is based on the comprehensive development and focuses on the integration of human, natural and financial resources.

We shape our future by ourselves.

Our mission is to create businesses, because we believe that exercising businesses starts with creating them, initializing the appropriate factors for their success, identifying inputs and ensuring their quality to ensure the obtainment of the perfect sustainability and continuity of their outputs.

Integration and respect for the individual with all its cultural and personal aspects, and meeting the individual development' needs are part of the core values, which focuses on influencing any society's change through business, and by our subtle thought and the respect we dedicate for the environment in which we exercise our business, whether locally, regionally or internationally.

We consider that every impediment is an new opportunity to be translated into a non-traditional solution by modulating the concept of doing business to become a concept of creating them, and excelling in finding and implementing solutions for them, by choosing the best investor and the most reliable contractor to guarantee our reputation and confirm theirs.

Our services

Investment consulting

  • Providing consulting services for national and foreign investors with regard to local and regional markets, and concerning the best way to create projects and funding them.
  • Reviewing and providing the economic feasibility studies for the projects to be created.
  • Registering companies of various types, companies' braches, franchises & commercial relations.
  • Providing financial services for businessmen and investors.

Administrative consulting

  • Providing administrative and legal consulting for local and foreign investors and companies.
  • Providing administrative services including the registration with the competent authorities.
  • Studying companies' problems, legal and administrative organization in accordance with the latest used models, to ensure the improvement of the administrative and productive efficiency for these economic tools.

Training consulting

  • Preparing and delivering training programs using modeling, simulation and workshops.
  • Setting standards for professional efficiency and analyzing training needs according efficiency global standards.

Contact us

Africa St, Waddan, Al Jufra, Libya
Phone: +218 57 463 2990 Mobile: +218 94 446 6479
Fax: +218 57 463 2990 info@albab.ly