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Manare Medical Services

Is a Libyan company specialized in the provision of all medical services through a highly quality and advanced medical centers within Libya and abroad as a medical tourism services.
Founded by an efforts of some Libyan competencies whose had experiences and Interested in health services after acquiring experience through years of work In many institutions and foreign companies operating in health services, medical insurance, TPA and health tourism .
Also it had attracted many of the competencies Libyan and foreign specialized in in the same field, located in Tripoli and working with a group of local and international partners.

Health care services
abroad including:

  • Facilitate communication between Libyan patients with medical service providers abroad by providing medical reports, appropriate medical opinion and expected service costs before the patient leaves the country, in order to save patient's time, effort and money. In addition, to the ena ble the patient to receive the desired services that meet his desired needs.
  • Facilitate and provide the visa services, flight and hotel bookings, farewell and reception services within the airports.
  • Facilitate the selection of distinguished and appropriate hospitals and doctors by the help of our local and foreign partners.
  • Facilitate highest level of communication between the patients and the service providers abroad through the provision of interpretation and translation of medical issues.
  • Supervision and follow-up the treatment protocols step by step and evaluation of the service provided by the help of very qualified specialists.
  • Follow ups arrangement with doctors after return to home country.
  • Provide air ambulance services between the home country and country of treatment.
  • Provide inflight and ground services complimentary to air ambulance services in home and treatment countries that include medical escorts and ground ambulance.
  • Reviewing the invoices and facilitate the cost payment

Routine surgeries:

  • General surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery.
  • Orthopedic trauma, joints and spine surgeries.
  • Urology.
  • Ear, nose and throat surgery & Cochlear Implantation.
  • Different ophthalmic surgeries including routine, posterior chamber, retina, laser and corneal transplantation surgeries.

Advanced surgeries:

  • Oncology and tumor Surgery.
  • Advanced neurosurgery.
  • Vascular and open heart surgeries.
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Complete medical programs:

  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Programs.
  • Organ transplantation programs (kidney, liver, bone marrow and heart)
  • Radiotherapy programs.
  • Programs of infertility treatment and IVF.
  • Slimming, obesity treatments and surgeries programs.
  • Hair transplantation programs.
  • Addiction Treatment Programs.

Public Health
and Internal Medicine:

  • Intensive care and cardiac intensive care programs.
  • Internal Medicine (Gastrology, Endocrinology, Diabetes, Neurology).
  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine.
  • Rheumatology and arthritic diseases, infectious diseases and tropical medicine.
  • Pre-employment checkup medical services.
  • Periodic medical checkup Services.
  • Retiree's health services.

Other Services
related to medical needs :

  • Air ambulance services for urgent and critical situations.
  • Sending different laboratory samples abroad.
  • Medical escorts (doctors, nurses).

Our customers

  • Individual Persons

  • Public and private
    Libyan companies and institutions

  • General and medical
    insurance companies

  • Public and private
    Libyan hospitals and clinics

  • TPA companies

Countries in which we operate

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
Contact us

Kishlaf area (sports city),
Tripoli - Libya


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Manar Medical Services